Rosarios 4 Meia 4ply

Color: 02 Dijon
Sale price$14.50


70% Merino  30% Polyamide
Approx 185m
knits on 2.00mm - 4.00mm
tension = 29sts and 40 rows to 10cm square

mild hand wash

Made in Portugal 

The Perfect Pair: Unveiling the Beauty of Meia Yarn

If you're a knitting enthusiast or a lover of cozy accessories, you're in for a treat! Let's dive into the world of Meia yarn, a Portuguese gem that embodies comfort, style, and durability.

Embracing the Meaning

Meia, the Portuguese word for sock, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this yarn. Just like a snug pair of socks, Meia yarn wraps you in warmth and sophistication. Its classic composition of 70% Merino wool and 30% Polyamide ensures a luxurious feel with the right amount of stretch and strength.

The Merino Magic

Merino wool is renowned for its exceptional qualities. Known for being soft, breathable, and insulating, this fiber is a top choice for crafting premium yarns. Meia yarn, with its high Merino wool content, promises a gentle touch against your skin while keeping you comfortably warm.

Strength in Every Stitch

Polyamide, a synthetic fiber known for its durability and resilience, complements the softness of Merino wool in Meia yarn. This blend ensures that your knitted creations retain their shape, withstand everyday wear, and last for years to come. Say goodbye to stretched-out socks or faded accessories – Meia yarn is here to stay.

Easy Care, Endless Possibilities

One of the best features of Meia yarn is its low-maintenance nature. You can simply toss your knitted items into the washing machine, set it to a gentle cycle at 30°C, and voilà – your Meia creations come out looking fresh and vibrant, ready to be worn again.

Get Creative with Meia Yarn

Whether you're a seasoned knitter or a beginner looking to explore new possibilities, Meia yarn offers a canvas of endless opportunities. From cozy socks and stylish scarves to trendy hats and snugly blankets, let your imagination run wild with this versatile yarn.


In a world where comfort, quality,

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