Patterns - Ladies 12ply

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Showing 1 - 24 of 63 products
N1540 ShrugN1540 Shrug
Naturally N1540 Shrug
Sale price$8.20
N1523 Oversized SweaterN1523 Oversized Sweater
P355 Roll Collar Vest
P346 Ladies Cardigan
N1551 Cropped V-Neck Jacket
N1525 V-Neck Sweater
N1377 Jacket with 3/4 Length Sleeves
AYP206 Striped Beanie & Scarf
N1597 Oversized Sweater
N1596 Tunic
Naturally N1596 Tunic
Sale price$8.20
N1598 Vest
Naturally N1598 Vest
Sale price$8.20
N1595 Oversized Cropped Jacket
N1622 Cropped V-Neck Jacket
N1621 Bell Sleeve Sweater
N1620 Drop Shoulder Sweater
N1623 Hoodie Yoga Jumper
AYP208 Lace and Cable Blankets
Rowan Tweed Haze - 12 Designs by Lisa Richardson
N1607 Vest
Naturally N1607 Vest
Sale price$8.20
N1606 V-Neck Jacket with Pockets
N1604 Sweater with Large Cable at Front
N1603 Lazy Sweater
Naturally N1603 Lazy Sweater
Sale price$8.20
N1552 Jumper with Fold-Over Collar
N1553 Drop Shoulder Sweater

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