BC125 Avis Vest and Hat 8ply

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Yarn Used:  8ply 
Needle Sizes:  3.25mm & 4.00mm
Sweater Size: Newborn – 3 months,  3-6 months,   6-9 months,   9-12 months,  12 – 18months
Hat Size:  35cm,  40cm,  45cm,  48cm
Yarn Quantity Approx (50g): 3,  3,  3,  4,  4  balls


A geometric bobble textured vest and bobble hat.

Avis is Latin for bird. Inspiration for the pattern comes from a bird’s eye view of the beautiful clear waters of Lake Wanaka, revealing the stones and pebbles along the shoreline and the golden colours of the autumn trees.

As the bird soars high, she looks out past the crystal-clear waters to the mountains beyond.

The Hat pattern has two versions, knitted flat on straight needles or on the round on double pointed needles.


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