Opal Africa

Colour: 11161 Adorned
Sale price$20.50


75% virgin wool 25% polyamide for extra durability
Approx 425m
knits on 2.50mm

Machine Washable
Made in Germany

Opal Africa: 
Africa – the cradle of mankind!
This multifaceted continent is dazzling in its colors, exciting in its landscapes and always worth an adventurous visit. We meet lively people and extraordinary animals in beautiful landscapes decorated by nature.
With our 6 varied colors, the Opal Africa collection, we have captured the beauty of Africa and bring it to your home.

With Opal pre-patterned yarn, you can knit to your heart's content without having to worry about managing multiple colour strands or following a complex colour chart. Opal's colour changes are complex and subtle, making it a joy to watch the patterns unfold.

Machine wash, Non-felting, Allergy tested. 1 x 100gm ball will make one pair of socks

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