Alba the Unicorn

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The unicorn is the national animal for Scotland.
Alba is Scottish Gaelic for Scotland and also means ‘white’ in latin.

The sparkling rainbow mane represents diversity and inclusion, but it can be done in any colour/colours you like. An ideal way to use up the odds and ends in your wool stash.

The pattern would also work well for a horse, just change the colours

This is knitted in soft washable merino, but acrylic is also a good choice if you want to wash more regularly - white can get dirty.

Finished size - approx 12 inches (30cms) from tip of horn to bottom of hooves.

Tension/gauge isn’t important

Materials required:
160m 4ply in white
40m 4ply in silver grey mix
15m 8ply in rainbow sparkle mix (or mix of colours)
embroidery thread in black for features
2.25mm dpns
Fine crochet hook (1.5mm)
Washable toy stuffing

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