Patterns - Ladies 14ply +

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Showing 145 - 168 of 172 products

Showing 145 - 168 of 172 products
P253 Collared Vest
P234 Beanies 14ply (1 200g Hank makes 2 Beanies)
P231 Molly Fringe Sleeved Jersey
P216 Ladies Hat & Shoulder Wrap
P193 Plaited Cowl & Hat
P192 Ladies Cardigan
P167 Family Beanies
P161 Ladies Shrug
P164 Ladies Crochet Jacket with knitted Rib
P163 Ladies Short Sleeved Tie Jacket
P162 Ladies Jacket
P149 House Boot, Toddler, Child, Adult
P141 Long Throw Over with Open Sides
P132 Long Short Sleeved Jacket
P134 Long Ribbed Sweater
P133 Long Sleeved Sweater
P120 Weekend Cardigan
P121 Cosy Cable Vest
P118 Women's Sleeveless Vest
3003 Two Tone Scarf
3002 Snood
Alpaca Yarns 3002 Snood
Sale price$6.50
3201 Cosy Cardigan
3202 Chunky Stripe Sweater
3203 Scarf & Beanie

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